If you run your own email newsletter or collect emails on your website, the way you handle digital marketing needs to change.

Apple is screwing us over, and they are not even thinking twice about it.

The days of digital marketing are getting harder and it seems every week there are new rules, regulations, and guidelines we have to follow in order to not get our hands slapped as we reach into the cookie jar.


The latest hand slap from Apple came as an update at the WWDC conference:


So why is this so horrible for Digital Marketing?


The reason why as a marketer this should make you cringe is that Apple is making things complicated to track. AB test and following email subscribers is becoming more complex. Conversion and important data help you decide where to put your marketing money is difficult to tack.


This in turn makes it more difficult to tell clients where and when Ad dollars convert. Also, it is hard to figure out if it is better to stick to one ad platform over another.


The Silver Lining for Business Owners


What this means is that our clients and others will need to start focusing on creating amazing value.  Mostly through content and focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Creating amazing content and amazing value has always been the best way to attract new clients. Content will help you find leads that want to work with you.


If you want to know more about how your business can create amazing content and beef up your SEO efforts learn how we can help!

or if you are ready book a 1:1 consultation call to learn how we can grow your business today!

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