How To Prepare Your Business for the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last few weeks have been inundated with urgent notices and shifting communications with COVID Response on a global scale because of COVID-19. There is no question that business has felt the effects of this novel virus impacting our world. While this challenge will continue to unfold in the next weeks and months to come, […]

Create Killer SEO Headlines to be Seen on Google

Creating SEO headlines to be found online It’s pretty simple…Do you want more traffic? Make sure you are creating SEO headlines that are optimized to effectively attract your ideal user. If you are still using your headline to simply classify what type of content you are writing, chances are you are missing a huge opportunity […]

You Need To Know Your Content SEO Is Drowning On Google

Are you struggling to get your Content SEO Score higher, and everything you do keeps you stuck in the same place? Take a look at the following tips to make improvements to get your SEO ranking higher than before. Content SEO is Too Soon To Tell? Chill! Give it a minute. If you are that […]

The Best Platforms to Promote Content

Any blogger or business owner is trying to figure out how to promote content online. With so many outlets it can be hard to figure out what platform is best. I think we can all agree that gone are the days of selective platforms for successful marketing. It used to be optional, but now we […]

Why Creating Content is Important for Small Business Owners

Are You Creating Content? Get Started! Creating Content the internet has become an oversaturated cesspool of go-getters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, all trying to create content out of nothing. On a wing and a prayer, folks are fighting themselves to fit in, break out, or just survive in these streets. It would be easy to follow […]

How to Create Good Content for Your Customers

How to Create Good Content by Mastering Your Craft Learning how to create good content can feel daunting at times. Make it a point to never stop learning. The day you stop contributing to your expertise, is the day you meet your plateau. Shift your thinking from the one with the knowledge to the one […]

Create Content that Converts

Let’s face it, no one wants to read something that doesn’t entice the mind or excite the imagination. Yet too often, we fall into the mundane routine when we create content. It lacks even a bit of connection to our audiences. You may ask yourself, where was the disconnect that got us into the rut […]

WordPress Security Best Practices

1. Customize your URL for WordPress Security Best Practices After installing WordPress you should follow our wordpress security best practices. To start the main login page is normally /wp-admin or /wp-login which is easy for hackers to find the front door to your website. Don’t give them that chance. A quick edit in the SQL […]

Avoid ADA Lawsuits and make your website ADA Compliant!

What are web accessibility Laws? If you have been in business for some time now, you should know there are rules set in place for web accessibility. The American Disabilities Act placed these rules are in place to ensure that people with disabilities have the same level of accessibility as otherwise abled-bodied customers being served.  […]