Let’s face it, no one wants to read something that doesn’t entice the mind or excite the imagination. Yet too often, we fall into the mundane routine of writing informative content, that lacks even a bit of connection to our audiences. You may ask yourself, where was the disconnect that got us into the rut of producing subpar content? Now besides the familiar self deprecation that leads you into the gloomy isolation spells, let’s keep this lighthearted, and reframe the context of what is needed. The real need is to figure out what kind of content can be created, that converts to further business for our company. And while that seems impossible to predict, our efforts will focus on healthy intentions that produce desired outcomes.

Know your desired customer

While your relationship with your customers have inevitable conditions attached to them, that relationship needs to have a clear establishment, before it can complete any potential transactions. That is, you need to know your customer, inside and out. What are their inherent needs, desires, limitations, dreams, or concerns. Lean into cultivating relationships that meet the needs of your customers, before they are considered your customers. This is like manifest destiny, or daily affirmations. By knowing the needs of your potential clients, you have a better chance of strategically meeting those needs, all while cultivating relationships with them along the way. Remember, every strong customer relationship will inherently produce future customers. So how you cultivate those strong relationships will make all the difference in the world.

Strategically identify the needs of your customers

When the needs of your customer become evident, your strategy to fill those needs should be airtight. This is where you must know yourself and stand confidently in your skill set, so that you can deliver your services directly to their needs. This is the lifesaver effect. When you know what you can deliver, and you know your potential customer needs just that, with a shot of espresso and boost of confidence, you can almost guarantee that you are the perfect fix to their catastrophe. This is true for service providers, whether web designers, content marketers, engineers, etc. But even more with writers, editors and content producers. Your conversion is contingent on effective communication of what you can deliver. There is nothing but power possible in the content you are creating.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier, if people stapled their needs to their forehead?! I mean, there are some of those clients, that are so self-aware, they are giving themselves their own audits and transition mediation. They make the grocery list of needs, before you even join them at the table. But other clients are like kids lost in the dairy aisle, finding their face on a milk carton. They don’t know what they don’t know. This is where your study skills come into play. Your experience can diagnose the needs present, before your customer can even identify them. Your presentation of solutions can be the relief their drowning business had been waiting for. Build strategy around how to best solve your hail mary’s. This is when your experience in your field becomes your arsenal. You or someone you know have encountered, avoided, suffered, and/or overcome countless of fires in your time as a field expert. Harness those experiences into golden tickets, that can save businesses and individuals approaching those challenges. This content will always carry weight, as it is tried and true through personal experience of triumphs and failures. This content will produce the kinds of conversion that is aligned with your business model, for it was produced from your business story.

Clarify your why

When your content comes from your story, it carries the wisdom of your experiences, while still feeling human. We have enough going on in our world to be finding content that is manufactured by an algorithm. Regardless of if they are aware of this, people want to be spoken to like the humans that they are. Connect the multi-dimensional facets of the human experience that comes with business life. A “how to” is only effective, if there is some shred of mentoring attached to it. There are challenges in any field, so stop delivering IG filtered content, that doesn’t resemble the real challenges that are present for your audience. People what to be heard, so speak directly to their concerns. That goes back to knowing them, strategically helping them and reiterating why YOU have chosen to be of service to them. Your why, is the key to authentic connection with your customers. Profits only follow passion. If profit is your only why, you will limit your impact on a majority of potential clients, simply because their needs don’t appear to take priority in your offerings. Identify the thing that makes you love what you do, and let that be the front foot to all you do. With these things in mind, your content with make an offer your audience cannot refuse. Conversion becomes inevitable.

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