Whenever I start a new website project with a client, one of the first items on my checklist is free stock images. I ask the client for photos that will help the website. They need to pop, stand out, and show off what the client does. When I send the email out asking for photos I know I will not likely get a response from my client for quite a few days. So I want to change that with a list of free stock image libraries that I use.

I imagine the client is in a panic because they didn’t think they needed to provide photos. Or maybe they might think that they don’t have the artistic knowledge to find the right photos. Or they really just don’t know the right places to look.

So instead of letting the freakout moment take over and anticipating the lack of response to my emails about photos, I want to give all of you my list of free images stock photo sites I use regularly. Rest assured, no need to worry.

P.s. I do also give tips on what to look for artistically when getting started 🙂




Pexels is my go-to stock photo source. They have a wonderful collection of nature and business photos. Their catalog of images is robust enough for any new website needs. This is normally my starting point and the number one recommendation for my client’s image search.




When resources from Pexels aren’t enough, I send my clients on their way to Pixabay. They have restriction-free licenses for their photos and it is a great resource for great high-quality photos.




Another high-resolution restriction-free photo set.




A large library of free stock images of royalty-free under unsplash network.



Pikwizard is a great resource for free stock photos and videos. The main selling point is you can take each image and edit on the graphic design tool, Design Wizard! And the images of people are great! There is also no attribution required.

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