Franchisor Marketing

Our full-service agency provides an array of digital marketing services, designed to help you and your franchisees succeed.

Franchisor Marketing

At ARC Creative we are dedicated to helping franchisors like you achieve their marketing goals. Our full-service agency provides an array of digital marketing services, designed to help you and your franchisees succeed.

At our marketing firm, we understand that every franchisor is unique. That’s why we offer a range of services, including Google and YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO & Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Website Design and Development. Our data-driven approach to marketing ensures that we deliver results that matter to you and your franchisees.

Data-driven for results

Do you know where your sales are coming from and what marketing tactics are working vs. not? You deserve to see actual sales numbers. We provide you with the data and make educated decisions to drive sales. We’ll help you set sales goals and then implement a plan to reach them.

A proven system for finding new franchisee buyers

We know that finding new franchisee buyers can be a challenging task. That’s why we have developed a proven system to help you attract and convert potential buyers. Our done-for-you system helps you close franchisee buyers for half of the cost. It takes them from the discovery process through qualifying them, teaches them about your brand, recommends financing solutions, and more, so that when they get on the phone with you they are ready to say yes!

Quality white glove marketing of 1-10,000 locations

Many agencies struggle with staying on top of a large number of accounts. They may set up an ad campaign and then just let it run without optimizing it regularly to its full potential. We have systems in place so our team members stay on top of their accounts to make sure they are performing as they should. Because those accounts aren’t just a number, it’s someone’s store and livelihood. That’s also why we don’t use outside software to manage ad accounts—just good ole human brains.

Dedicated team

Because we pride ourselves in providing white glove service, your franchise will have a dedicated client account manager. Your client account manager communicates with your locations and keeps every franchisee informed of their marketing. They stay on top of both franchisor and franchisee needs. We send every location monthly reports and are available to answer questions during regular business hours so your locations never have to feel out of the loop.

We focus on sales not just impressions

It’s great to be popular but that doesn’t pay the bills. Our focus on sales, not vanity impressions, means that we are dedicated to delivering quality results that will drive your business forward.
We focus on:
1. Bringing in new customers
2. Re-engaging old customers
3. We can then focus on brand awareness.

You need sales first. That’s what keeps the lights on.

Case Study

This franchise came to us with Google Ads accounts that had zero tracking and that were poorly managed. We turned things around quickly.


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At our marketing firm, we are committed to helping you achieve your marketing objectives. Whether you are looking to increase your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website, or generate leads, our team has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When SEO is done right, your franchise locations should appear at the top of Google search results. This can help bring in a flood of traffic to each location to help keep sales up. Additionally, SEO can be used for franchisors who are marketing to franchisees to expand the number of locations. Strong SEO requires three components: excellent content, stellar tech, and backlinks. We are strong at bringing all three components for impressive results.

Building advertising in the digital worlds of Google and Meta was supposed to take all the guesswork out of ad campaigns. However, if you don’t want to waste money, using skilled professionals is the way to go. Franchises have to do things like run simultaneous ad campaigns in several different areas that talk about the same things in different ways. The location across from the heavy metal festival expects to do different business than the location across from the over-fifties recreation center. And yet, both locations need to keep a sense of the overall charm that the whole corporation has nurtured over the years. You can’t get service like that for prices like these anywhere else in the business. Plus, we are data-driven. We won’t tell you an ad campaign is doing well because it has clicks. If those clicks aren’t turning into calls or sales, they aren’t doing their job. You’ll receive detailed reports for every location so you know how the ads are benefitting each location.

Direct emails still have some of the best ROI in the business, especially for franchise marketing. For one thing, email can provide an intimate feeling. People like that from their local pizza joint, salon, or take-your-pick-business. At the same time, emails are where people still expect to get things like coupons and other deals. If you have any experience with creating email marketing campaigns, you know they’re a mess at the best of times. They’re a bother to set up, they’re a worry to maintain, and they’re a nightmare when you forget them. You run a franchise, and that’s already a massive job. You might have emails from corporate that go out to your entire mailing list. At separate times, you might need to send emails to recipients in specific geographic areas. It gets confusing and overwhelming fast. We have a practiced method for adapting our time-tried tricks to meet franchise marketing challenges.

Social media helps you brand your business. There’s an expectation that your business is present online and interacts in a certain way. Do you have a brand voice? If you don’t, that’s okay, we can help you find it. Share a balance of value, such as coupons, tips, etc. with call to actions to help people become fans and loyal customers. If video scares you, that’s okay. We are here to help with that too.

Need an updated website? We’ve got you covered. You don’t need to pay an arm and leg for a new website, but you want to make sure you have experienced web developers that have more than just design skills. Not only should your website look pretty, but it should also function nicely. This means when we develop a site we pay attention to site speed, mobile friendliness, and more. We can also integrate your POS systems and set up tracking so you know where your sales are coming from.

Whether you want PR for a new store, to get an existing store seen in local media, or to announce a national campaign, we’ll pitch to the media and set up related events.

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