The most common question every client wants to be answered is just how long it takes to build a website? And while a valid concern, this question normally haunts my dreams…

What I can tell clients is the process of development can take 1-3 months, depending on many variables. And honestly, that means depending on if the client really has their shit together.

I have the ability to produce projects within as little as one week. On the contrary, I have also had projects go out into the 1 and 2-year mark.

I cannot control the measures of time responsible for by the client. But when it comes to the designer side, I’ll break down how many hours it takes ME to get the job done.

The Process of How Long It Takes to Build a Website

I normally start with selecting a few themes for my clients that I think will fit with their brand. I go through platforms like Theme Forest and pick out my top 2 themes, testing them, to make sure they are up to par.

Then I send over an email with Pros and Cons of each theme. I express my thoughts on how each theme could be perfect fits for the client’s new website.

Color matching can be a pretty fast process based on the theme the client selects. Once a style guide is sent to me, I then can immediately start making all the elements of the website the right color(s), fitting the client’s brand.

This is likely the most difficult part of the entire process, for it requires the client to be diligent on turning copy over to me.

Whether it is copied from the About Us section, or any other filler data requiring copy, it takes the longest to retrieve from clients. And it is also the longest to aesthetically and functionally format correctly.

This step, single-handedly, dictates if a website will be completed in a few weeks or a few years.

Photos are what make your website pop and dazzle. It can be the factor of distinction between one website to another. But seriously, if they are not loaded correctly and sized properly, it will also significantly slow down your site.  

Here is a list of sites you can use to input media files. Once you have your photos, it takes more than a few hours to size and inserts photos into the site the right way.

A well-edited website can make a huge difference in your impact your audience. Editing and making changes for the clients can take ages, and I normally budget a good amount of time for it. This normally requires a few Zoom video calls and lots of email exchange between clients, in order for the site to look and feel the way it should.

Once editing is done we have to move the site over to the client’s server. This requires copying and replaces old files or setting up new hosting. This tedious process is easy enough but still takes a few hours to do. It is then followed by propagation to make it work properly.

Almost there! We just have to make sure everything works. This includes making sure that all the links, images, headers, and all the fine details are done. Once we fix these little details, our clients approve, and are on their way!





Total Time: 60+ Hours

Additional Services: Email, SEO, Content Marketing, and more…

Not all clients make the decision to have these additional add-ons. But in the age of effective marketing, many clients choose to use these tools to enhance their impact. SEO, setting up email and other marketing strategies are things that ARC Websites offer. However, for the basis of standard web development, these additions are not considered in the time listed above. This is how long it takes to build a website

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