How to Create Good Content by Mastering Your Craft

Learning how to create good content can feel daunting at times. Make it a point to never stop learning. The day you stop contributing to your expertise, is the day you meet your plateau. Shift your thinking from the one with the knowledge to the one hungry for knowledge.

It’s easy to assume that because you’ve got something to share, somehow, you hold the keys to unlock the captive minds of people all over. While this may or may not be true, the humble pie is remembering you will always have something to learn. Don’t deny it, press into that tension, so that others can learn from your experiences. Connect to the challenges you’ve faced on your journey, in order to help others who are facing similar challenges.

By making the personal point to master your skills, overcoming the roadblocks that have trained you to think strategically, your content naturally reflects real wisdom and maturity. This level of content is magnetic to people looking to transcend their pitfalls, and can only benefit your intentions.

Don’t be afraid to follow the hashtag train

More than content creation, it’s important to make connections that build your audience. It doesn’t matter how much content you create, you’ve got to have an audience to create relevance. Successful entrepreneur and influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk alludes to this when discussing his $1.80 Instagram strategy.

The basic premise is to leave your “two cents” on 9 posts on the top 10 trending hashtags or topics. This is not spam messaging your services to these random strangers, but quite the opposite. By contributing to the conversations with others centered around your content interests, you are essentially introducing yourself with value, before leaving your business card with everyone in the room.

Hashtags are the modern-day chat room. With every social media and SEO platform configured to sift and sort content based on keywords, we have the power to make friends with similar-minded businesses and individuals.

While I’m sure you are using hashtags to join conversations, how often are you contributing to those conversations, or cultivating connections from these never-ending conversations?

Don’t stop

Relevance is relative. In this era of global connection, you can only hold attention for a split second, before your audience has moved onto the next one. In order to compel a response from them, you will need to make as many points of contact as possible.

Reiterate your message until your audience is listening. Once you have their attention, and they have bought into your message, they are more likely to stay with you. Your role in this is to entice them to your table and give them their first bite.

There are two pathways you can take that demonstrate reiteration, for better or worse. We’ve all seen them, the same 6 ads that pop up over and over again. The first pathway is characterized by over-posting.

It Takes Time

Usually, 1-3 posts are created in a single campaign and posted every 1-3 hours for 1-3 days, weeks or months. Before the campaign even gains momentum, you have more attrition to your following, due to the annoyance of the repetition.

Not to discredit these campaign styles, it’s evident they have had success for many people, as they haven’t disappeared into the internet graveyard just yet. But another way you can think about content campaigns is through distributing compelling works of value. Capture the awe and wonder of your unique audience, by catching them off guard with your brilliance.

This looks different for every field (which further encourages you to market strategically and specifically to your target audiences). For a photographer, it could be one single image that stops their morning scroll.

In Conclusion of How to Create Content

For educators looking to shift their classroom outcomes, rather than a picture of a classroom, it may be a video of a student giving a thoughtful answer. That might be the one thing they had longed to achieve in their environment, that before you offered your expertise, your content piqued their interest to learn more.

This is the power of how to create good content. So instead of finding the one perfect post, develop a variety of compelling content that can be reiterated in many different forms, so that your audience cannot help but be intrigued to keep digging.

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