Case Study

Identifying, Validating, and Refining

The STEM4Real Way

About STEM4Real.

STEM4Real is a nonprofit organization providing education professionals with the skills, solutions, and material needed to create equal and effective learning environments. They empower the students of today to become the teachers, scientists, and change-makers of tomorrow.

Yet, When they came to us, they had worked with multiple marketing agencies. They had a jumble of fractured campaigns, messaging, branding, products, and marketing processes.  This created more confusion than ease.

Our team of creative strategists walked STEM4Real through an in-depth look at: 

  • Identifying, validating, and refining their client avatar.
  • Organising and optimizing their products and offerings.
  • Revising their pricing to have a competitive and profitable edge.
  • Determining what gaps were present in their marketing strategies and how to resolve them.
  • Discovering new, lucrative, target markets they’d not considered before.
  • And establishing a step-by-step implementation schedule and checklist for making this happen.
  • Finding the gaps in their current website experience and presentation while outlining their best path forward.

As a result, STEM4Real was able to:

  • Organize their marketing structure with clear and executable strategies.
  • Create new relationships with leaders in their industry previously unknown.
  • Expand their product to meet needs they’d previously overlooked.
  • Launch a six-figure campaign in tangible, trackable steps.
  • Re-brand and update their website to reflect their growth and value to their ideal clients clearly and quickly.

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