Any blogger or business owner is trying to figure out how to promote content online. With so many outlets it can be hard to figure out what platform is best.

I think we can all agree that gone are the days of selective platforms for successful marketing. It used to be optional, but now we see that content marketing is much more of a required course for successful businesses, and it is not slowing down. 

Of all the platforms to choose from these days, there are a sure 5 that I’d recommend you utilize in order to remain relevant and maintain consistency in communication with your constituents. 

The next step is to examine how to use these platforms more effectively, in order to maximize potential growth for your business. 

CoSchedule to Promot Content to Social Media

One of the most thorough platforms for managing all of your content publishing is CoSchedule. It allows you the privilege of pushing content from every platform, while in one interface. We’ve all seen the work of a company or individual that has pushed out 150 notifications to its constituents, simply because they didn’t take the time to pace their posts across all platforms. CoSchedule reimagines consistent communication for companies and individuals, syncing the calendars of all platforms into one. 

Later for Instagram

More specifically for Instagram, Later helps to schedule posts and stories, maximizing the design and flow of your profile. This comes in handy when considering the user experience. With Later, you can program and schedule your Instagram feed 3 weeks out, rearranging as you go along. So instead of posting 10 posts, while you’re inspired, you can design and schedule those posts to be distributed over time. This is why these tools are so useful. You want to be working effectively. Let platforms like these take the hard work out of content production. 

Asana for Content Planning

Whereas CoSchedule is a great platform for managing content publishing, Asana is a work management tool that makes it easier to manage your content creation. This platform has a variety of templates and brainstorming boards that help you literally schedule your plans into reality. It has collaborative capabilities, to get your team working on set projects on the same page. It has many functions that aid in the execution of your content calendar. And connecting to your GSuite, all tasks and project notifications are synced to your calendar. Using a work management system makes it practical to scale your content production.

Google Docs for Collaborative Writing

Google Docs is still one of the best platforms for generating writing for teams. Without mentioning others, Google Docs is one of the only platforms that is 100% collaborative, quick and easy. When considering your writings, you need to be sure the platform you use can be easily accessible at any time. This will ensure you have the best chance of producing work under any circumstance. Google Docs can be your home base for all written work. It can be chronicled in Google Drive and shared with any co-contributor with a Google account. 

Hobonichi Techo for Yearly Planning 

If you are like me, you may be looking for a non-digital platform to add to your well-being. My personal favorite planner for life and business is the Hobonichi Techo. This planner holds many different formats of calendars, for a broad scope of planning purposes. There is a year-at-a-glance, monthly, weekly and daily calendars, all serving specific purposes for your content production. You can use the monthly calendar to plan how many posts you want to produce, or what topics you want to cover. You can use the weekly calendar to plan on which days you will schedule your posts. You can use the daily calendar as a log for your work, or as a mini-task list to maintain your schedule. All the while, you will have a physical book to refer to for your records. 

Best Advice to Promote Content

The best advice for content promotion on any platform is to simply create content and put it out into the world. Get into the practice of putting out your content, by any means necessary! The more you get into the habit of producing content, the easier it is to find the right avenues of distribution for you and your business. The hardest part is getting the content out. The rest is a piece of cake. So choose a platform to promote your content, and just keep creating.

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