If you have a website or are currently looking to build a website, you should have heard of the platform WordPress by now. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has been around for years and is the backbone to 30% of all websites online.

So before you jump on to Squarespace or Wix, I want to give you our reasons for why we use WordPress as our website foundation, instead of the other tools available out there.

The other platforms

First, let’s discuss the other platforms you may have seen. Wix and Squarespace. When first starting out, these two platforms look promising and are a cheap alternative to hiring a web designer. However, that initial convenience will cost you more money in the long run.

When it comes to SEO, website load speed, and website uptime, you are at the mercy of the platforms you choose. You have no control as to what type of servers they sit on or if the site won’t load because a server is down. This could cause major headaches if you are trying to sell merchandise or your site mysteriously goes down in the middle of a launch deadline.

Another concern with these platforms is that once you stop paying for the service, your site immediately goes down. It’s as if you don’t really own the info you put on them, but more like you are leasing space for a certain amount of time. And once that lease is up, you disappear from the online world. Unless, of course, you can pay again (or even more) to sustain your place a little longer.

Alright, enough bashing… you get the idea. WordPress is better 😉 now onto the good stuff.

Here are the 4 reasons why I use WordPress

1. Easy to set up and deploy

One of the main reasons I personally love WordPress is because it is easy to set up and deploy. I work on about 4 websites at a time. That often means that I am setting them up and get them running rather quickly.

As a client you expect your website to be up and running as soon as possible. From sending content over to then setting expectations, you want your site live within a reasonable amount of time.

WordPress allows for this. I normally tell clients that I can have their site up and running within a month or two (it all depends on how fast clients give me the deliverables I ask for).

2. Lots of options for layouts and themes

Have you ever taken a look at Themeforest.net? It is an online database of fully customizable WordPress themes.

As a designer and developer (YES, there is a difference) utilizing this tool, along with WordPress, opens the doors to millions of possibilities for my clients. No two websites I build will look alike, but will always be custom designed for YOU!

3. Clients (you) can edit and make changes on their own

Once we have finished our job and your website is complete, our clients have complete ownership of their website. I love that we get to create your page and everything is still in your creative ownership. Sometimes we still have the ability to perform updates and make necessary changes for clients, but we love how easy WordPress makes it so that you, the client, can make simple changes as needed.

4. Easy to secure and protect from hackers

Ahhh hackers… the assholes of the internet.

With the right hosting server, your WordPress site needs only a few plugins and changes to make it safe from digital attacks.

Plugins like Wordfence and hosting products like DreamPress from Dreamhost will keep your site running and safe from attackers.

Oh and p.s. Use complex passwords, it helps.

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