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Adventure Park Case Study

Adventure Park Advertising With Google Ads

Identifying, Validating, and Refining

This Adventure Park gets up to 15x return on ad spend during peak season.

This franchise came to us with Google Ads accounts that had zero tracking and were poorly managed. We turned things around quickly.

The Problem

This adventure park is outdoors and therefore seasonal. During the summer months they see the highest revenue (up to 27k) from Google Ads. Their return on ad spend still remains high in the off season. This park closes for the coldest months in November, December, January, and February. However, we also run gift card ads in December.

We have been working with this adventure park for 3 years and rarely see ROAS dip below 6x, even in off season months. Most of the revenue comes from cold audience search terms such as zip line ride, zip lining for kids, zip lining near me, etc.


We optimize search terms twice a week, change bid adjustments, etc. to keep cost per conversions low and revenue high. We also split out branded terms so that we can optimize for new customers. If you’d like to see your entertainment venue’s profits grow with Google Ads, reach out to us.

Summer Month Results

Ad Spend: $1.73k

Revenue: $25.7k

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): around 15x

(Note that branded ads only made up 9k of the revenue. Therefore, the majority of conversions were from cold audiences.)

Off Season Results

Ad Spend: $918

Revenue: $8.83k

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): around 9x

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