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Email is not dead

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to drive revenue, and gives you insight into your target audience.

There’s a common misconception that email marketing is outdated because email has been around for decades. That’s like saying the Internet is on its way out because it’s old technology.


Email marketing capabilities have grown in size and performance as Internet technologies have skyrocketed. 

However, recently there have been several restrictions put on email marketing. For instance, you need to have full authentication and proper configuration. Typically this includes a DKIM record, a single SPF record, and a single DMARC record. Additionally, platforms are rolling out policies to keep spam scores extremely low, no more than 1 spam complaint per 1,000 emails sent. This means you need to be closely monitoring and making changes to your email marketing strategies. During this time especially, you need an email marketing expert to make sure you comply.


To Email Market or Not to Email Market, That is the Question

  • 2023 was a big year for email because it grew to 4.4 billion users worldwide. People are still checking their email.
  • By 2025, daily email users are projected to rise to 4.6 billion users worldwide. (Statista)
  • Email is getting lighter and more intelligent, and developers have better integrated it into digital workspaces. (Forbes)

That’s the big picture. Here’s the bottom line–email marketing can directly lead to higher revenue for your company. That’s where an email marketing agency comes in.

Email marketing

How Does Email Marketing Build Revenue?

  1. Cost-Effective–according to a digital marketing study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%. Also, you can say goodbye to print costs, postage fees, and standard advertising rates.
  2. Measurable Targeting–we can segment your subscribers and see which users are opening, clicking, and buying. Then, we’ll target your email marketing campaign according to your users’ specific interactions.
  3. Build Brand Awareness–59% of shoppers buy from brands they know (TailorBrands).
  4. Customizable Content–Our content writers craft your messaging to create a positive and consistent experience for your users. People no longer only buy products and services–they buy experiences (Psychology Today).
  5. Build Customer Loyalty–For most businesses, 80% of your revenue will come from return customers (Small Biz Trends). Email marketing helps to nurture those relationships and let’s them know when it’s time to purchase again.



Cold Email Marketing And New Restrictions

Things are getting trickier in the world of cold email outreach. If you’re wanting to reach audiences who’ve never hear of you, you still have to comply with spam rules. With cold email outreach, there are specific ways to do things so that your domain does not yet penalized. You don’t want your domain to become blacklisted by Google, so speak to the experts!


An Email Marketing Agency That Gets Results

At ARC, we have the best of both worlds–we have in-house developers that know how to implement your email marketing campaigns and read the data to grow your customer base and revenue. We also have content writers and designers who know how to craft your brand’s message to target your audience specifically.

The tech nerds don’t love writing and designing, and the artists don’t geek out over software. Together, we excel at ensuring our team meets all your digital marketing needs!

If you’re ready to leverage the benefits of email, whether for cold outreach or existing lists, schedule a call.

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