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With the multiple social media platforms giving rise to quick-fix tools for brief landing pages, lead generation forms, and ad campaigns, it’s easy to overlook the value of investing in an actual website.

But let’s get one thing crystal clear

Your website isn’t a landing page. It’s the core foundation that builds the house all of your marketing and client experiences extend from, and come home to. Not to mention that thirty percent of consumers won’t consider a business without a website.

Visibility & Brand Identity

The cornerstone of your marketing is your overall appearance online and it begins with your website.  

We create a custom WordPress website to showcase your business and all its services with brand-enhancing design and user experiences. 

SEO on your brand new website should be a given –not an add-on. We make sure your website is set with up to date SEO and follows all of Google’s parameters so your ideal clients can actually find you!  


Inviting and Establishing Connection

A website is in essence, one of your employees. It needs to actually connect you to your potential clients, not just take up space on the net. 

We make sure you have all the initial integrations in place to

1) make an appointment on your calendar,

2) to send you a message, and

3) to get on your email list and more.

This ensures your website is playing an active and productive role in your marketing plan’s conversion and retention activities..

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Michelle Richardson Coach

Michelle is a personal coach based out of Canada focusing on work/life balance; How to structure your business and daily life to make sure you’re living a life you LOVE and have the means to do so!

When she first approached us with her website she had:

  • An old, outdated website that wasn’t performing well with modern web standards and needs. She was missing analytics and data collection for key information on what was and wasn’t working.
  • She couldn’t promote and sell her programs from her website.
  • She couldn’t manage and integrate her email list to work with her website.
  • And she was also unable to house her publication and media events.


To help her return to the modern era and make a successful virtual splash, we:

  • Incorporated her revised brand.
  • Created, structured, and integrated email systems for list building and management
  • Gave all her content a home that showcased them for sales and delivery
  • And plugged in data collection and basic analytics so she could track and adjust her marketing and website swiftly and strategically.


She’s since been able to book multiple speaking engagements, build and launch more than two lucrative product launches, and have better work/life balance for HERSELF as a result of getting her marketing technology under control and working for HER!

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A general ballpark estimate is in the range of $3,000 – $5,000 range, but this can fluctuate depending on the unique needs each company has. We walk our new clients through a series of needs assessments before formalizing our proposal and fees to make sure everything is within budget AND covering the necessary bases.

We build all of our sites through WordPress because it’s not only highly functional and multi-dimensional but it also powers over 35% of the websites worldwide. Most of our clients have very diverse needs and WordPress meets them all!

Absolutely! We offer yearly and monthly maintenance services based on each client’s needs and would love to book a call to see how we can help you out.

Our intake and assessment process reviews your brand style, graphic design, color themes, language and brand personality, and unique presentation experiences for the creative end. For the practical end, we need login information for all platforms to be connected to our site, content and copy files, opt-ins, brand style guides, service/product information, and a few more odds and ends.

We have full-pay and split-pay options to meet the needs of our clients.

Generally, we shoot for a six to eight week turnaround, but the pace of any project is set by each client and we often build a buffer zone to ensure any unforeseen needs don’t throw off our timelines and production. To make sure we plan for success, we do throughout intake and assessment processes to keep things on track.

We provide our clients with video and text tutorials for their own general use AND offer website maintenance services for those who prefer to leave the updates to the techie geeks like us!

Ummm… Yes! SEO is the path for search engine visibility that services like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use to bring up relevant content for users searching for specific keywords and topics. If this isn’t set up on your website, you can have the most amazing content (and products) available, but no one can find it. SEO done right takes time, energy, and continued investment to get big wins. We set up the basics for all of our website clients and move forward from there.

We have a few options based on the needs and desires of each client. We can assess this during a consultation call.

Of course! For one-off updates, we charge hourly rates based on the needs presented.

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