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How We Scaled an Online Fundraising Platform using Facebook Ads to Generate more than 200 Leads in only 2 Weeks!

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Before Taking Over The Account

Fast growth is what every brand owner or online platform wants. But it’s not always as straightforward as it sounds.

Most companies have been there at some point in the business life cycle, trying to scale their Facebook Ads while still maintaining a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

Prior to working with us, this online fundraising platform was spending exorbitant amounts on Facebook Ads with high cost per leads and slow growth.

Within only two weeks of working with us, we were able to secure 200 new leads and significantly lower their cost per click (CPC) while increasing their conversion rates.

In this case study, we break down how we:

  • secured our client 200 hot leads in only 2 weeks.
  • Found a distinct audience that lowered their cost per lead significantly.
  • Generated money from their ad campaign and leads to invest back into their ad campaigns for further expansion.

About the Client and Their Business

This client has an online fundraising platform that helps people to find, or promote and generate, donation pages through their website. They started out using ads as their main advertising tool, and had two main end users.

The client has been in business since 2018, and are rather unique in their offering of helping community fundraisers to fundraise, whether big organizations or small community organizers.

Until they came onto the scene, fundraising could be arduous, and the amount of time and effort could be overwhelming. The client provides a unique solution to this, however, they needed our help to maximize their growth and potential.

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The Challenge

Like many e-commerce businesses and start-ups this client had created their own Facebook Ads prior to working with us and hoped it would produce results.

Before our client hired us to help with their Facebook Ads, they were spending $25 per lead on average. When we audited the account we found that there were a few different factors causing them to spend more than they should per lead.

Due to lack of expertise and experience in this area, they were not targeting the correct people and ended up quickly spending far too much money on ads that didn’t resonate with their brand or audience. Their creative and messaging were attracting comments and leads that didn’t align with their ideal customer.

In addition, the ads weren’t set up and organized in a systematized fashion. It seemed that the client was doing everything ad hoc and therefore not seeing the results they desired.

How Facebook Ads Helped Them Grow

Using a strategic approach, we did a complete overhaul on the client’s Facebook Ad account. We organized their ad account structure and set up reporting.

The first step toward scaling the client’s Facebook Ads was to strategically re-organize the audience groups within the ads themselves. Broader audiences were needed to get Facebook to feed out their ads as desired, rather than reaching the same users over and over.

We also advised them to do A/B testing. Because our client has an internal team doing the copy and images for ads, we needed to see which combinations would work best. We specifically worked on just one audience at a time. Additionally, we directed the marketing team on how to create a better landing page and supported them in the process.

We took the data from what worked with smaller audiences, and then once we had everything in place including new audiences, we implemented the changes.

Hundreds of new leads came in a short period of time. This allowed our client to recoup all of their ad spend budget and still have enough left over to invest back in to the business.

We continued to tweak the content and messaging to make sure that each ad was engaging and sending the correct message to our client’s target audience. This is the foundation of any ads strategy. You can have the best idea and think you know the people you are targeting, but until you actually spend money on the ads themselves, you won’t have the data to make more informed and smarter decisions.

Finally, we simplified the ad reporting so that our client can easily send data to their board of directors and receive better feedback.

What is Next For The Business

This client is happy with the results and they continue to work with us. We will be focusing on extreme growth over the next 6 months to build on the foundations that currently exist.

Ready for Facebook Ads to elevate your business

Are you interested in using ARC Services for your Facebook Ads strategy and campaigns? You can take advantage of our years of experience and expertise in this area to hone in on the right target audiences for your ad campaigns. We make the whole process easy and streamlined. At ARC, we also take care of everything from ad copy and creative to setting up tracking and building new campaigns. We help clients increase their return on ad spend so they have more money to put back into their business to grow. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.