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Fashion Brand Case Study

How we helped a fashion brand scale their Shopify store to more than double their online store profits year-over-year.

Identifying, Validating, and Refining

Turning $3k into $94k through
Facebook and Instagram ads

How we achieved 31 ROAS on high-end dresses

This fashion brand has beautiful products so when they wanted to run Facebook and Instagram ads, they were the perfect fit. We set up the campaigns from scratch targeting both interest-based and lookalike audiences. We only allocated a small portion of the monthly budget (11%) to retargeting since the brand wanted to focus on new customer acquisition.

The average cost of the brand’s clothes are between $300-$500. Therefore, we had a great margin to work with. We were able to achieve an average cost per acquisition of only $12.17 per purchase. Note that there was a four day semi-annual sale during this period, however, we were always able to keep the cost per acquisition below $29 even after the sale ended. This left a considerable profit margin for the brand.

Throughout the month we were able to turn $3,032.80 into $94,321.44. We used a variety of creatives: from videos, to images, to carousels, continuously changing things out to keep customers engaged while featuring new products.

Month 1 of Ads (starting from scratch)

Fashion brand Google Ads

Adding Another $107k through Google Ads

We had been running PMAX campaigns on Google for this brand for a few months already when we added in Facebook and Instagram ads.

Note that PMAX ads are a combination of search ads, shopping ads, and display ads. Because the brand has a large following, the cost per acquisition is very low on Google due to including branded terms. However, even Shopping ads perform well on Google with an average cost per acquisition of $30 (if branded terms were removed completely.) This still leaves a very large profit margin for these $300-$500 garments.

During the same 30-day period, the company spent $850 on Google ads. There were three different PMAX campaigns featuring different collections. The cost per acquistion was only $3.47 with 245 purchases. 

This brought the total purchases through Google Ads to $107k.

The Results

In addition to achieving high profitability, the Shopify store’s online sales were up over 64% year-over-year. Over 54% of purchasers were new customers.

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