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Salon Case Study

How We Helped A Salon Increase Their Bookings Through Ads

Identifying, Validating, and Refining

With A Combination of Facebook Ads and Google Ads This Salon Increased It's Appointment Volume By Hundreds

This salon provides blowout and makeup services and needed to fill up their NYC location. We used a combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to fill their appointment books. The power of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, when used in combination, is that Google Ads brings in people looking for a business’s exact services, and then Facebook/Instagram can retarget these people with visually appealing ads. Additionally, Facebook/Instagram provides the ability to geotarget and geofence within a small area. This means we could reach people within 1-mile and 2-mile radiuses of the salon, catching their attention when they were nearby. This powerful combination led to the following results:

Conversion Break Down

In order to understand how well a campaign is doing you need to understand what the conversions are. Otherwise, the number of conversions is arbitrary. Since this is a lead-based campaign we are only considering lead-based actions as conversions. The break down of the 296 conversions is as follows:

Number of Phone Calls Over 60 Seconds: 55

Number of Times the Booking Widget was Opened: 241

Additional Phone Calls:

In addition to the above conversions, the call button on the website was clicked 25 times but since we could not confirm which calls were completed, we decided that we would not count those in the conversions above.

Other considerations:

Note that the booking software this salon uses did not directly integrate with Google Analytics. When we had the software linked with Zapier to provide booking data to Analytics, the appointments were all considered “referrals” from the app site. This meant that Analytics and Google Ads could not determine when a booking came from Google Ads. So, we had to come up with alternative tracking. We opted to add conversion tracking directly to the buttons that opened the booking widget. While we know not everyone who opens the widget to book completes the action, this gave us a tracking alternative. We found that hundreds of people were opening the booking app, and many were completing the booking process.

Google Ads Results

Google ads case study screenshot

Number of Conversions per Month: 296

Cost per Conversion: $5.40

Facebook/Instagram Ads Results

With $908 in ad spend there were 88 appointments booked which calculates to $10 per appointment. The results were as follows for a 30-day period:

Geotargeting Campaign

We ran two ad groups in a campaign that targeted people with salon-related interests within a 1-mile and 2-mile radius. We got the cost per click down to $1.19 in one ad group and $1.37 in another ad group after testing various creatives.

Appointments scheduled

Retargeting Campaign

One of the best things you can use Facebook and Instagram for is retargeting. We tested several creatives and settled on a winning ad along with a UGC video. The following results for a 30-day period were:

Appointments scheduled

Note that the salon sells products on their website so that’s why we see purchases in addition to appointments scheduled.

If you’d like to see your salon fill up with appointments find out how ARC Creative Co. can help you with a combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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