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Case Study

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Acquiring More Leads for a Home Builder with Google Ads

How We Reduced Their Cost Per Lead, Got Them More Leads, And Increased Sales

This company had used another agency prior. They were acquiring leads as people input their email addresses and phone numbers to see available floor plans on the website. Both Search and Display Campaigns were running. The very first month after taking over the company’s Google Ads account, we decreased their cost per lead by over $2 from the previous month and by almost $3 from the account’s overall cost per lead. This allowed nearly 40 extra leads for the same budget.


The results only continued to get better from there, as we reduced the overall cost per lead from that initial $8.61 to around $5 each in the months thereafter. This was while increasing the number of conversions significantly. They gained about 90 additional leads per month since first taking over the account for similar ad spend. At the same time, their lead form was lengthened so as to produce better quality leads that would turn into buyers. The company was able to see more of the leads convert into buyers due to the increase in volume and better qualifying measures.

Account All Time

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The Month Prior To Taking Over The Account

Google ads case study screenshot

The First Month We Ran The Account

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Search Campaign

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The Search campaign was able to achieve better results by adding negative keywords for properties that were not in the area, by researching and adding exact match keywords, choosing broad match keywords more wisely, and by adding bid adjustments.

Display Campaign

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Because of the lower cost per lead in the Search campaign, we were able to increase the budget on the Display campaign. We paused audiences that weren’t performing, added a remarketing audience, and added bid adjustments.

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