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E-Commerce Case Study

Case Study for Growing a E-Commerce store

Identifying, Validating, and Refining

Scaling an E-commerce Store with Google Ads & SEO

How we Helped a Plant E-commerce Store Get Acquired for Large Sums by a Larger Competitor After Breaking Record Numbers

How We Scaled Their Google Ads

We scaled an online plant nursery e-commerce business through both Search and Shopping Google Ads. We worked on creating new ads for best-selling products by season. This particular e-commerce brand fluctuated heavily by season. We determined bestsellers through comparing data in Google Analytics. When we took over the account we gradually changed bidding strategies, added audiences, and bid adjustments, etc. We were able to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) while scaling the business. The branded campaign had already been implemented so these increases are largely from cold audiences.

In the screenshots to the left, we see that year-over-year return on ad spend increased from 5.83x to 6.99x. The cost per conversion decreased from $28.93 to $27.59. This is all while sales were increasing. Revenue grew by $62k when we compare February 2020 to February 2021.

When we look at scaling from a month-to-month perspective from February 2021 to March 2021 we see immense growth there as well. Part of this is due to seasonal growth and part of it is due to scaling the ads. In March, we increased return on ad spend from 6.99x in February to 7.63x in March. We also decreased the cost per conversion from $27.59 to $24.77. Sales more tripled from $105k to $349k.

This growth, along with a large increase in SEO traffic and sales got an industry leader in the space’s attention. That’s when a large offer was brought to the table to acquire the business.

We’ll look at how SEO impacted growth below.

Comparing February 2020 vs 2021

Google ads case study screenshot - ecommerce
Google ads case study screenshot - ecommerce

February 2021 to March 2021 Growth

Google ads case study screenshot - ecommerce
Google ads case study screenshot - ecommerce
SEO revenue chart year over year - ecommerce case study
SEO Revenue chart -ecommerce case study


Since this is a seasonal business we’ll compare month-to-month growth and year-over-year growth. The numbers are below and we’ve included graphs to show the increase in revenue.

We increased their organic search revenue by $148k year-over-year. This was done by addressing all three major aspects of SEO: content and keyword optimization, tech fixes, and backlinks.


December To January To February

Increased Number of Sessions: From 51k to 58k to 75k

Increased Number of Users: 43k to 49k to 64k

Increase in the Number of New Users: From 40k to 45k to 59k

Increase in Revenue: From $32k to $36k to $48k

February To March

Increased Number of Sessions: 75k to 187k (up 112k)

Increased Number of Users: 64k to 160k (up 96k)

Increased Number of New Users: 59k to 145k (up 86k)

Increased Organic Search Revenue: $48k to $207k (up $159k)

March 2020 to March 2021 comparison

Increased Number of Sessions: From 65k to 187k (up 122k)

Increased Number of Users: From 55k to 160k (up 105k)

Increased Number of New Users: From 50k to 145k (up 95k)

Increased Organic Search Revenue: From $59k to $207k (up $148k)

The Results

This business began smashing their revenue goals, exceeding 1 million in sales per month through all of their marketing channels. They were then acquired by a larger competitor for a large sum of money.

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