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In our opinion, every service business needs Honeybook automation to streamline their business. 

A customer relationship management system is exactly what it sounds like: a system that manages relationships with customers. It’s vital that every business has one. Most of the time, small to medium businesses can’t justify a department in charge of customer relationships. Most small to medium businesses sometimes can’t even justify one person handling all customer relationships. All aspects of CRM are a high priority. After all, without customers, business doesn’t happen. So, what should you do? You’re a small-to-medium-sized business owner. You’re too busy running your business to also manage all these customer relationships too. You need a tool that, can handle all the functions that large companies employ whole teams to manage

The answer, one effective solution to this one is automation. SMB workflow automation tools can really save your bacon sometimes if you understand “sometimes” to mean “all the time.”

Honeybook Handles All Parts of The Customer Journey

HoneyBook is one such small to medium business automation platform. It is designed to handle every aspect of customer relationships, helping small-to-medium-sized businesses from start to finish. However, HoneyBook does a lot more than that

Maybe your business needs a CRM. Well, that’s not quite what to say–your business needs customer relationship management, but you may or may not need an automated customer relationship management tool. Let’s make some assessments about HoneyBook as a workflow automation tool and figure out if it’s right for your particular small-to-medium business.

HoneyBook and Automating Your Business

On the face of it, HoneyBook is a CRM, and it was designed for small businesses with creative specialties–designers, illustrators, copywriters, code monkeys, and other businesses with that kind of gig-driven workflow. As a result, HoneyBook’s features have been designed with that kind of business in mind. HoneyBook’s features and pricing packages were set up to accommodate that kind of business

Features, you say? HoneyBook’s got them. (Fool)

HoneyBook’s Features

  • Calendar management: a must for any workflow tool. When you’re juggling deadlines, due dates, billing dates, and the rest of the dates necessary to doing business, powerful calendar management is a must. It’s essential to maintain an accurate calendar, including bookings and availability.
  • Invoicing, proposals, quotes, etc.: small-to-medium businesses need effective tools for communicating financial information to clients, customers, and partners. It’s useful in creative industries dealing with realities like bidding for jobs, adjusted billing, and accurate records. You can even collect payments through HoneyBook.
  • Communications: key, man. Communication solves a zillion percent of business problems (which is the kind of super-accurate estimation you get when your copywriters get ahold of statistics). There are so many possible communications apps out there, and so many of them are easy to get set up that it’s easy to lose track of where this or that email thread ended up. In HoneyBook, business owners can consolidate their contact lists and manage all communications from one place. Slick.
  • Contracts: another essential aspect of all business is contract management. Small to medium businesses can’t always afford to get a legal department to create a contract template library. HoneyBook comes with a whole suite of contract templates for anything from onboarding a new contractor to striking an agreement with a client. With HoneyBook signature templates, you can collect and save binding signature information in a centralized, cloud-based, secure server.

Automate Your Business

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HoneyBook is a stacked platform. It automates a lot of the most necessary aspects of doing business. What it doesn’t automate, it’ll integrate with. The designers of HoneyBook get that a lot of the people who will be adopting HoneyBook will use it to consolidate and replace a handful of apps. (HoneyBook) As a result, HoneyBook integration is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Also, It integrates with Zapier, QuickBooks, MailChimp, and just about any other application you were previously using to manage aspects of your busi


HoneyBook Pricing

You are a small to medium business owner. The designers of HoneyBook know that. Their packages are both straightforward and relatively affordable. They offer a seven-day free trial, which is cool because committing to anything can be hard for small business owners. After that, they offer either a $39 monthly subscription plan or a $390 plan for a year. It’s as straightforward as that.

Why We Think You Should Use Honeybook

At ARC we believe the back end of your business should be just as easy as your marketing. Between your SEO and Google Ads Strategy and getting clients to pay you, keep the process simple.

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