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Your Path to Marketing Planning Success!

Identify the Core Structure and Strategy behind Effective Marketing Planning in YOUR Company.

Captivate Your Dream Clients With Marketing Experiences They Want!

Are you a Marketing Minion --or a Marketing Master?

Any ole Marketing Minion can slap up a paid ad campaign and get results –if they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for them. 

But it takes a Marketing Master to create unique, unforgettable, and captivating marketing experiences that don’t only convert, but also supercharge your brand recognition, value, and desirability!

Where do YOUR marketing skills rank? Take our quick quiz to find out!

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The Struggles of a Marketing Minion

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Do you feel like a slave to your social media feed, hoping your 5 posts a day over 6 platforms will FINALLY convert those likes and shares into real money?

Do you stress out with each new launch wondering what you’ll do this time? (You DO HAVE a next launch planned, right?)

Have you had some success (maybe a lot of it), but aren’t sure how it happened and how to repeat it consistently?

Is your email list as quiet as a ghost break-dancing in a church despite your best efforts to keep it active and converting?

Are your brand and services showing up as one of the many in a crowded marketplace?

Does the financial cost of powerful marketing feel like a barrier to your success?

Have you paid for marketing help before without seeing the results you needed and hoped for?

I hate to say it, friend… but if you answered “yes” more often than not, it sounds like you’re lost in the land of the Marketing Minion. 

It’s likely you always feel your marketing is a chore. One that is as confusing and costly as it is draining.

The Success of a Marketing Master

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Do you have a clear and strategic marketing plan for not only this year, but in the next three years, that will help your business grow steadily and effectively?

Is this plan broken down into clear yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly actions?

Does your marketing plan have a clear and viable target audience that KNOWS they need what you offer and are ready to buy?

Is your email list active, lively, and converting with each new launch?

Are your brand and services loud and proud like a toddler learning on a drum-set? (but arguably more enjoyable)

Do you have a clear understanding of what your marketing budget requires as well as the means to set it in motion?

Are your marketing tasks carried out by a team of skilled team members that know how to take all your juicy, hot leads and nurture them into life-long clients?

Yeah, baby! If you answered THESE questions with “yes” responses like a pumped-up College Football Fan on a winning game-day, we’re a little scared… AND you sound like a Marketing Master!!!.

What is Marketing Planning?

However, no matter where you’ve fallen on the skill ranking, both Minion and Master should never stop refining and expanding their craft!

However, no matter where you’ve fallen on the skill ranking, both Minion and Master should never stop refining and expanding their craft!

What is Marketing Planning?

At the risk of sounding cliché, we believe effective marketing is both an Art and Science.

The most effective and captivating marketing is done with a solid combo of data collection, brand and product development, and strategic planning and action to make sure you have an offer and market that fits.

This is then artistically refined to create a tangible, addictive experiential journey your market will want to repeat again and again!

Research & Testing
Brand & Project Story
Delivery Strategy & Actions
Overall Marketing Experience

This is where Marketing Blueprints come in.

Marketing Blueprints are the core structure and strategy behind effective marketing plans and practices. 


They allow your most ideal potential customers to see your captivating invitation, accept with ease, and go on an unforgettable marketing journey that establishes your company’s value in their world, leading them to become a part of your services and offerings for a long time to come.

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Our Blueprint Process Is Simple

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Phase One: Discovery

We’ll audit and review your current marketing needs, options, and goals to discover the roadblocks getting in the way of your desired success.

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Phase Two: Strategy

Next, we’ll identify the specific strategies required to reach your goals --from client avatars, marketing funnels, email sequences, content calendars, and more.

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Phase Three: Action

Finally, you’ll have a complete and holistic action plan that breaks each step down to individual pieces, timelines, and tools in an easy to follow path you and your team can immediately carry out.

Do You Want To Go From Being The Best Kept Secret To Hot Visibility And Extra 00's In Your Bank Account?