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There are many ways to make money in your business but few will yield the return on investment that SEO yields. SEO is a slow and steady machine that takes several months to produce results. However, it is one of the greatest ways to grow your business. With ads, you may see 3x-5x ROI if you are lucky, but SEO return on investments can exponentially increase. Make money with SEO to scale your business. How does 50x ROI sound? Or 1,000x ROI? That’s what SEO can do for a business when the right elements are put into place.


How To Make Money with SEO

Making money with SEO is easy when you have a strong grasp on three things:


  1. On-page SEO
  2. Backlinks
  3. Website Performance and Technical Elements


Making money with SEO might feel nebulous and a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with how to integrate it into your marketing strategy. 


Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. Using SEO to convince search engines to recommend your site to your potential customers when they search for relevant keywords in your industry is what we do!


Here’s Where We Begin


Google search on phone. How SEO helps business. Make money with SEO.

Contrary to what your TikTok feed may lead you to believe, the Internet is no dummy. Search engines like Google highly value quality content. Sentence structure, good grammar, using active voice, and more all make your website score high in readability, which can make you stand out in the crowd. When you stand out, Google wants to direct traffic to your company’s page. But it can’t unless you get your SEO right. 


Search engine optimization relies on keywords and key phrases to get people where they want to be. Our job is to do a deep dive into the analytical side of the Internet to ascertain what the most popular keywords and phrases are as they relate to your business. Once keywords are found they should be added to the appropriate pages on your site. But it’s important not to overdo it on keywords. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past Google hates; there’s a balance to it all.


Have you ever begun to type a search into the Google search bar only to find you didn’t even have to complete your sentence before Google knew what you were looking for? That’s Google’s way of telling you, “We know what you were looking for, and we know just the place to find it.” When your content is high-quality and Google-algorithm-friendly, Google will send people plugging in those searches to your site. 


It’s also important to create new content regularly. A blog is an important asset for your site. It shows Google you are active, credible, and knowledgeable in your industry. Blog topics should be strategically selected. Not just any blog will help your business’s SEO.


Quality content is vital–that’s where your on-page SEO (the number one thing we mentioned above) comes in. But we don’t stop there. 


SEO Backlinks


If you’ve ever heard the famous line from Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar Named Desire, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers,” you kind of get the idea behind why backlinks can help drive traffic to your site. 


A backlink is created anytime a site links back to your site. That’s where the kindness of strangers comes in. When top-performing websites link back to your site, the popularity of that other site reflects well on your business.


To get backlinks, you have to strategically reach out to other sites. How do we select websites to reach out to for these links? We look at their domain authority.


Domain rating or domain authority scores reflect how much Google trusts a site. Sites with high domain authority scores provide much more for your website’s SEO than lower domain authority backlinks. Apart from domain authority, relevance is important. You don’t want a blog about shoes to link to a jewelry store for instance. The more high-quality backlinks your site has, the more your own domain authority score increases. This helps your website rise higher in the rankings on Google.


We reach out to high domain authority sites–including those your competitors use–and we integrate them into your marketing material.


So far, we’ve discussed how quality content drives traffic to your site through the use of the most relevant and up-to-date keywords, as well as how using backlinks from other reputable sites builds your site’s credibility on Google. Let’s transition now to how fixing the technical elements of your website will optimize all of the components therein. 


How Fixing the Technical Elements of Your Site for SEO Makes You Money


Graph - how SEO helps google rankings

Your target audience is out there, and they’re looking for you. Right now. That’s why we use excellent content, backlinks, and all the technical elements of your website to ensure you begin ranking higher and higher in search engines. 


When you rank, they will come. 


Did you know things like website speed, broken links, and other errors can quickly turn a potential client into a missed opportunity that slipped through the cracks of your business? It’s true. Google penalizes website issues.


Your website needs to be a well-oiled machine wherein every single word, button, description, and image leads the user back to your business. Their experience with your company begins the moment their search brings them to your site, and it’s our job to make sure their experience reflects favorably on you. When it does, your credibility builds, and they learn to trust you.


In May 2020, Google added another tech requirement to their algorithm. Google started penalizing sites for poor core web vitals. Core web vitals reflect the usability and simplicity that Google wants your site to have. Part of this is due to the need for ADA (American Disability Act) compliance. Google is all about being user-friendly! The majority of sites that come to us fail core web vitals, and this is something we fix for them so they are no longer penalized by Google. You can get a free SEO audit when you schedule a call with our team.


So, why is SEO important for business? Because a company that builds trust makes money.


Do you trust a site you see in Google search results over sites you see in ads? Probably! In general, we know Google is careful about ranking quality sites, and so those sites receive more of our trust. Let’s face it, we are more likely to spend money on sites we trust.


What Does SEO Do for Your Company?


When you have all three elements of SEO in place, you are likely to see exponential growth in your business’ ROI. It will take time for your site to earn the search engine’s trust, but once you begin to rank, ROI grows. 


Not only will traffic to your site begin to double, triple, quadruple, and more, but your products and services will begin to reach a broader audience. 


If you’re ready to boost your company’s revenue and grow your business, and you want your marketing budget to be sustainable, SEO is the way to do it!


The bottom line regarding how you make money with SEO is hitting all three of the essential SEO elements. The marvelous thing about ARC is that we have industry-proven talent specializing in all three of these aspects. We’ve got:


  • Award-winning content writers
  • Persistent employees who work on backlink outreach
  • Genius web developers who can fix your website performance and tech


At ARC, we pay attention to every detail of our clients’ websites. Once we’ve solidified your SEO strategy, we get to fixing your site’s performance, we provide keyword research, content writing, and start the process of reaching out to high domain authority sites. We strategically choose pages and keywords that will push ROI instead of traffic. After all, the reason you come to an SEO company is to make money with SEO.


Book a call to receive a free SEO audit for your business here.


ARC is a trusted SEO service provider with case studies across several industries, including service-based, e-commerce, coaching, and more. Talk to a representative.


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