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by Oliver Brainerd


Marketing is like your granddad’s toolshed. It’s full of a zillion fiddly tools, maybe crowded together in a messy pile or maybe meticulously arranged in shiny toolboxes. But most importantly, it includes subtle variations on a few themes. Like your granddad will tell you, it doesn’t matter how many of these tools appear to do the same thing, they’re all for slightly different jobs. He has forty-seven thousand screwdrivers because each of them solves a slightly different problem.


In the same way, marketing has a lot of tools that kind of look like they do the same thing. These tools, on closer consideration, have different applications and solve different marketing problems.


On the surface, emails appear to do one thing. Write one and send it off to carry some information. Straightforward.


In marketing terms, emails aren’t that simple. Emails can do a lot of things, depending on when they’re sent, or how they’re phrased (content, subject line, or both). Additionally, attachments or imagery or other content, and context all have an impact. Context is big. An email isn’t really an email, but it’s one part of communication in a larger marketing strategy.


Emails are like screwdrivers: we have different types of email marketing to solve different kinds of marketing problems.


Types of Email Marketing


Most Basic Kinds of Marketing Emails


At the most basic level, we create two types of emails for marketing purposes.


These two categories break out into a handful of more precise strategic marketing goals.


Types of Warm Email Marketing

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The main efforts in email marketing will probably be designed for a warm audience. Warm is a term marketing borrowed from the performing arts–and marketing is, when working well, a kind of performance. A warm audience is a friendly audience made up of people who have in some way demonstrated their buy-in to your narrative, generally in this instance by giving you their email addresses. If they’ve given you an email address, they’ve at least given you permission to contact them through email marketing campaigns. That removes a lot of hurdles in your marketing, and it informs some of your marketing decisions.


Here are seven types of email marketing sequences you might design for a warm audience…


Use these email marketing examples to inform your marketing strategy. Different types of email marketing campaigns are tools to solve different email marketing problems.


Types of Cold Email Marketing

cold email marketing. Types of email marketing

Less often talked about, but no less important is an email marketing strategy designed for audiences with little to no prior knowledge of you.


In the present age, a lot of people feel wary of receiving emails from sources unknown. Believe it or not, the current mood is friendlier than in times past. We’ve become accustomed to the thought that our email addresses find their way into lists that we either forgot we joined or that we never joined on purpose. A cold email sequence in the past might have been a dead lead. Right now, if you do them right, cold emails and cold email sequences can become powerful marketing tools. But of course, the key is to do them right and make sure you send them in a way that doesn’t get your domain blacklisted. It’s generally a good idea to enlist the help of an email marketing agency so you don’t hurt your other marketing endeavors.


Avoid this stuff:


Instead, do this stuff:


Fill Your Toolbox

That’s far from everything, but it’s enough to get you started. Just remember the fundamentals of marketing:


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