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by Oliver Brainerd


If you’re anything like me, you occasionally skim through your Netflix queue and discover about seventy zillion shows and movies that someone only watched for ten minutes then turned off. Odds are it was you, because this is your Netflix queue. You’d like to blame it on Netflix gremlins wouldn’t you? But that’s ridiculous. Everyone knows only Hulu has gremlins.


Welcome Email Sequence


An aptly named tool, a welcome email sequence is a term in digital marketing that refers to a sequence of emails used to welcome new and potential customers. Usually, email sequences use automation to ensure consistent results. With email management tools, we can set up automation to look for certain activities of email subscribers. Those actions trigger emails, written in advance, and encourage certain behaviors in your email subscribers.


The trigger for a welcome email sequence is generally new signups. People give you their email address, and the automation you’ve set triggers and sends the first in a series of emails.


The strategic purpose of a welcome email sequence is securing a solid and positive impression in your audience. Then you leverage that relationship toward profit making behaviors. Bottom line, you want to profit off your relationships. Turning marketing into profit is an exercise in persistently being not annoying. You want your email subscribers looking forward to emails from you, which means designing email sequences that people like receiving.


An effective welcome email sequence needs to be…


You ever get the impression that a holistic marketing strategy is a must-have for any business? There’s something to that.


Onboarding Welcome Email


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One example of a first email in a welcome email sequence is an onboarding welcome email.


Say you’re a small business owner. (Hello!) You’re proud of your culture, and you’ve put a lot of work into your systems and processes, so you’re choosy about bringing new people into your little work family.


What you don’t have is an HR department. In today’s market, you very well may also have a workforce spread out across the whole face of the globe.


So you have a problem: how do you imbue new hires with a sense of your culture and your processes? And at the same time make them feel like they belong to a company where their nearest coworker might be two thousand miles away.


You can’t do an orientation, you can’t handhold every new hire into your workforce. So what do you do?


The answer is an automated email sequence.


An automated email sequence is your tool.


The automation is set up to trigger when the new person first gets their company email address.




The principles are consistent from one welcome email sequence to another: bringing people into the fold and motivating them to take action for your business. Now let’s take a look at how to write a welcome email series for a new customer.


How to Write a Welcome Email Series


While the specifics of your welcome email sequence will change based on your brand and your marketing goals, there are a few general guidelines that’ll get you started.


Series should be five to seven emails long.


Your brand will drive the best marketing decisions. When you build your welcome email sequence, guide yourself with your values.


Automation helps a lot. If you use it right.


So use it right.


Welcome Email Series Best Practices


writing emails. welcome email sequence



When you’re careful about implementing effective welcome email sequences, your email open rates and engagement rates will likely increase. And this could mean a large increase in ROI, which is what we all want.


So, help keep your clients or customers out of the unfinished Netflix cue by giving them an enticing start. After all, that’s what a good welcome sequence is all about.


ARC Creative Co. is an email marketing agency providing top-notch email sequences and automation. If you don’t want to mess with the tech or need your copy to turn heads, contact a representative.


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