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Mastering Franchise Marketing: The Crucial Role of Paid Advertising

In our previous blog, we discussed the Five marketing areas that franchise businesses should familiarize themselves with and shouldn’t ignore. In this blog, we will delve deeper into why paid advertising is crucial for franchise businesses. We will use examples of different types of franchises and how they can leverage paid advertising to reach their […]

Leveraging Email Marketing for Franchise Businesses

If you’re a franchise business looking to boost your marketing efforts, don’t overlook the power of email marketing. With its ability to segment, automate, and personalize campaigns, email marketing can help you engage with your customers in a meaningful way and drive results. In our most recent series, Five Marketing Areas That Franchise Businesses Shouldn’t […]

How Franchises Can Unleash the Power of Social Media

In our series, Five Marketing Areas That A Franchise Business Shouldn’t Ignore, we highlighted the importance of social media management for franchise businesses. In this blog, we will explore why social media is an effective marketing strategy for franchise businesses, covering key aspects such as increased brand awareness, customer interaction and engagement, cost-effective marketing, targeted […]

4 Reasons & Ways To Focus On Local SEO For Franchise Businesses

In our previous blog, Five Marketing Areas That A Franchise Business Shouldn’t Ignore, we highlighted the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO) for franchise businesses. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the topic and explain why local SEO is crucial for franchise businesses and ways you can get started. Local SEO helps […]

Five Marketing Areas That A Franchise Business Shouldn’t Ignore

Franchise businesses operate under a proven business model that has been successful in various locations. However, each franchise unit still needs to promote its products and services to potential customers to drive sales and grow the business. Marketing is, therefore, an essential aspect of any franchise operation. In this five part blog series, we will […]

Why Google SMART Campaigns are Not the Way to Go about Flying

By Oliver Brainerd We like automation but not Google SMART Campaigns. Cruise control. Autopilot. Automatic responses. Voicemail. Voice to text. Voice control. Okay, Google! We love it. Automation saves us so much time. Time we can use on… You know, I’m not sure where all the time I’ve saved went. Anyway, doesn’t matter. Automation is […]

How to Build Backlinks from Scratch, no Kits Needed!

By Oliver Brainerd How to create and build backlinks from scratch. If you’re anything like me, you know several things about backlinks: They make your SEO work better You are pretty sure you’ve seen them before And you definitely know what a link is and which way is back   We all have gaps in […]

How to Get a Higher Google Ranking and Make Friends with Robots

By Oliver Brainerd Robots are your friends when you want to get a higher google ranking. That’s not a joke. Successful digital marketing, like all marketing, is measured by how successfully it turns people into your loyal fans. When it comes to digital marketing, robots serve as gatekeepers to the attention of people. In this […]

Facebook Advertising Strategy, or Sun Tzu’s Window Displays

By Oliver Brainerd A Facebook advertising strategy is why people never go to the mall anymore. Or very rarely, and only when they have to. The mall has become a chore. We avoid it when we can.   One subtle side effect of this decline in mall rat culture is the decline in the window […]