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Why Google SMART Campaigns are Not the Way to Go about Flying

By Oliver Brainerd We like automation but not Google SMART Campaigns. Cruise control. Autopilot. Automatic responses. Voicemail. Voice to text. Voice control. Okay, Google! We love it. Automation saves us so much time. Time we can use on… You know, I’m not sure where all the time I’ve saved went. Anyway, doesn’t matter. Automation is […]

How to Build Backlinks from Scratch, no Kits Needed!

By Oliver Brainerd How to create and build backlinks from scratch. If you’re anything like me, you know several things about backlinks: They make your SEO work better You are pretty sure you’ve seen them before And you definitely know what a link is and which way is back   We all have gaps in […]

How to Get a Higher Google Ranking and Make Friends with Robots

By Oliver Brainerd Robots are your friends when you want to get a higher google ranking. That’s not a joke. Successful digital marketing, like all marketing, is measured by how successfully it turns people into your loyal fans. When it comes to digital marketing, robots serve as gatekeepers to the attention of people. In this […]

Facebook Advertising Strategy, or Sun Tzu’s Window Displays

By Oliver Brainerd A Facebook advertising strategy is why people never go to the mall anymore. Or very rarely, and only when they have to. The mall has become a chore. We avoid it when we can.   One subtle side effect of this decline in mall rat culture is the decline in the window […]

Honeybook Automation for Small-to-Medium Business

In our opinion, every service business needs Honeybook automation to streamline their business.  A customer relationship management system is exactly what it sounds like: a system that manages relationships with customers. It’s vital that every business has one. Most of the time, small to medium businesses can’t justify a department in charge of customer relationships. […]

Turn Followers into Clients without Using Black Magic! (Mostly)

It may seem difficult to turn followers into clients, but we have some pointers. When marketing works, it can look like black magic, because it can be far from obvious HOW it works. Good marketing doesn’t look like it’s converting sales. If marketing is doing its job, then it’s almost invisibly getting people excited about […]

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, a Debate as Old as Pepsi or Coke

  by Oliver Brainerd   I believe it was Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “I’m a Pepsi man, and nobody can change my mind.” In French, obviously, but it was something like that.   And then Lord Nelson said, “Nope! Coke!”   The rest is, literally, history.   Or something like that. We might not be […]

Facebook Targeting Options that Don’t Include Voodoo

by Oliver Brainerd   There comes a moment in every business owner’s career when they cross the line from an individual nursing the vague sense of how odd it is that Facebook always knows what to advertise to you…to making those creepily precisely targeted Facebook ads. You realize pretty fast that there’s a lot less […]

Types of Email Marketing to Add to Your Marketing Toolshed

by Oliver Brainerd   Marketing is like your granddad’s toolshed. It’s full of a zillion fiddly tools, maybe crowded together in a messy pile or maybe meticulously arranged in shiny toolboxes. But most importantly, it includes subtle variations on a few themes. Like your granddad will tell you, it doesn’t matter how many of these […]