Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, a Debate as Old as Pepsi or Coke

Debate - Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

  by Oliver Brainerd   I believe it was Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “I’m a Pepsi man, and nobody can change my mind.” In French, obviously, but it was something like that.   And then Lord Nelson said, “Nope! Coke!”   The rest is, literally, history.   Or something like that. We might not be […]

Facebook Targeting Options that Don’t Include Voodoo

Facebook Targeting Options

by Oliver Brainerd   There comes a moment in every business owner’s career when they cross the line from an individual nursing the vague sense of how odd it is that Facebook always knows what to advertise to you…to making those creepily precisely targeted Facebook ads. You realize pretty fast that there’s a lot less […]

Types of Email Marketing to Add to Your Marketing Toolshed

types of email marketing

by Oliver Brainerd   Marketing is like your granddad’s toolshed. It’s full of a zillion fiddly tools, maybe crowded together in a messy pile or maybe meticulously arranged in shiny toolboxes. But most importantly, it includes subtle variations on a few themes. Like your granddad will tell you, it doesn’t matter how many of these […]

How Often To Send Email Marketing Campaigns

how often to send email marketing campaigns

  by Oliver Brainerd   Have you ever watched a Star Trek fan and a Star Wars fan really get into it? Two people, each of them with definitive ideas and reasons, all well-argued and supported with compelling examples, why their side is the best side for the innocent bystander to join. This is a […]

Welcome Email Sequences and Why Your Netflix Queue Has Unfinished Shows

welcome email sequence

by Oliver Brainerd   If you’re anything like me, you occasionally skim through your Netflix queue and discover about seventy zillion shows and movies that someone only watched for ten minutes then turned off. Odds are it was you, because this is your Netflix queue. You’d like to blame it on Netflix gremlins wouldn’t you? […]

How to Improve Social Media Sales

How to Improve Social Media Sales

  Let’s talk about improving social media sales. There are many ways to integrate social media into your sales strategy.    Social media strategy is essential for sales in the digital era. In fact, more than 50% of sales come from it (SmallBizGenius). When deciding how to use social media in your selling strategy, there […]

Social Media Engagement Ideas

Social Media Engagement Ideas

by Oliver Brainerd   The most effective marketing tool you could ever nab is word of mouth from someone with a genuine interest in what you’re doing. This means the most effective social media engagement you’ll ever have will be with people in which you develop genuine relationships. Or if not you, then your marketing […]

Instagram Content Strategy Skills for Marketing Ninjas

Instagram Content Strategy

by Oliver Brainerd   If you’re here, it means somebody told you to beef up on Instagram. Or, if we did our job right, then our ninja SEO skills brought this to the top of your search. So let me bottom line this for you. With a wicked content strategy, Instagram can support just about […]

Google Ranking Factors and What Google Doesn’t Want You to Know

Google Ranking Factors - Google Search Console

  Google ranking factors can feel like a thick cloud of mystery, speculation, and moving targets until you step through the fog. Once you gain a clear understanding of what they are and how to harness their power for the growth of your business, you’ll find they’re more like formidable tools in the hands of […]

How To Increase Google Rankings

how to increase Google rankings

If you’re interested in learning how to increase Google rankings, you’ve come to the right place!    We work with a host of clients who are highly motivated to get their websites to show up at the top of Google’s search results.   In this article, we’ll discuss how to increase Google rankings, and how […]